It’s good to share


So the saying goes anyway. Then again, I’m sharing a house at the minute and I may as well be living on my own. I never see anyone. There’s a German astronautical engineer who starts every conversation with “I’m in a hurry” just to make absolutely sure no ‘exchange’ of words lasts longer than 35 seconds; a French-Singaporean girl who I have glimpsed just once in two weeks; a Japanese-Canadian writer who can barely look me in the eye and is scared of his own shadow; and an Australian girl who is normal ie. can actually hold a conversation. It’s not quite what I expected sharing would be like. But I don’t mind. You do your thing, I’ll do mine. Just flush the chain and don’t steal my food.



  1. Paul

    Keep the updates coming. Some pictures of the housemates would be good – particularly the German guy as he’s rushing to avoid you.

  2. BrianJMorrison

    Agreed I want to see the nervous writer he sounds like a troubled genius. You should burst into his room one morning, hammered on Whisky saying "Here mate, what’s the craic you doing some writy shite.. aye aye aye dead on, here fuck up."

  3. Anonymous

    He writes for Metropolis, the free culture mag in Tokyo. My Oz housemate says she has spoken to him once in 6 months. I think he’s leaving Japan next month cos he’s scared of a big quake in Tokyo even though he’s been here 15 years. I’m the only troubled genius round here…

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