Mother Nature hates you

“Ahhh… you’ll get used to it” my teammates said when a coworker split his head open on the first day of kindergarden training. “You’ll get used to it” they joked when my bed jumped about from an earthquake. And now, today, the words “you’ll get used to it” are once again ringing in my ears as Japan’s strongest storm since 1959 is about to hit Tokyo. Mother Nature really is taking the piss.

I shouldn’t complain though. While my housemates are cold and stranded at various points across Tokyo, I’m at home sitting on my arse listening to Sigur Rós while the house shakes. And it’s pretty nice.


Japan’s under there somewhere


I love my room. ^_^ For some reason it always makes me think of what Alex’s room would have looked like if A Clockwork Orange had been set in Japan.


I used my storm time wisely: cooked a big pot of Kimchi Nabe from scratch then threw in a load of Udon nodles at the end.


  1. Anonymous

    All in good time my friend, all in good time. There’s an ancient sun-damaged X-Files poster in my local laundrette that I might steal. Pure 90s. It looks like shit.

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