A walk around Setagaya


I was originally going to title this post “A stroll around Setagaya” but then I thought screw that: alliteration or no alliteration, I’m not nearly old enough to stroll, amble or meander. So a good old fashioned walk will do just fine.

With no lessons today, I was summoned to go and collect my visa, as well as visit my local Ward Office to apply for my Alien Registration. (Yet another piece of Japanese beaurocracy seemingly designed to remind us foreigners that we are, indeed, foreigners). I know it sounds boring, but I actually love this type of day – just walking about, getting lost, and soaking up surroundings that so many Japanese people take for granted.

Setagaya’s a sleepy neighbourhood. Things are overgrown, restaurants seem to open when they feel like it and shrines pop up from absolutely nowhere. By the end of the day I was sweating buckets – it seems Spring has already decided to turn into Summer. Shit, I just realised I’m talking about the weather. Maybe I am like an old man, after all.


Setagaya Station: as quiet as it looks…


Even the smallest towns have the cutest touches ^_^


A local shrine, hidden away.

Lunch, and the biggest naan I’d ever seen

As Tyler Durden said: “This is your life, and it’s ending one minute at a time.”


  1. Colin Montgomery

    That wee place looks class mate. Honestly, I think I would love it there up until you post pics of food. Seriously there has to be somewhere where you can get meat pies and bacon rolls. All jokes aside though man, great photos and it doesn’t look too hot either? It probably is though

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