Where have all the weirdos gone?


It’s funny how a lengthy stint in Japan can desensitise you to the most messed-up shit. Just today a 50-year-old man dressed as a 14-year-old girl cycled past me and I barely registered. Vending machines talk to me on a daily basis, and last weekend I drank a pitcher of beer served in a bedpan to purposely make it look like piss. Seriously.

Saying that, one thing I have noticed is that Harajuku on a Sunday is so much tamer now than it used to be. Even when I was here four years ago there were hoards of kids dressed up, hanging around and trying to outdo each other’s cosplay creations. I even remember a mock fight in the street between two guys fully dressed up as Predator and Alien.

I dunno. Maybe the introduction of H&M and Zara to the Tokyo main street is turning the Japanese youth mainstream. I hope not. But at least there are still some headcases walking about to remind me that the Harajuku of yesteryear hasn’t disappeared just yet… The Rockabilly Boys are still doing their thing at the same place each week without fail – and I guess when all is said and done you never know who (or what) you’re gonna see round the next corner. Hail Harajuku!


A Tokyo tradition: Rockabilly dancers at the entrance to Yoyogi Park


I guess I needn’t be too concerned about the weirdness disappearing…


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