That time we saw Mi Ami play in a storeroom


I’ve seen – and played – some weird gigs in my time. In 2002 my old punk band hilariously shared the stage with horrible sex-fiends Rockbitch, and we even unwittingly played the pub owned by UK mass murderer, Steve Wright. Other standout gigs include seeing The Lawrence Arms play in the corner of a carpark of an American Football Stadium in San Francisco; seeing Squarepusher tour Ultravisitor in Japan in 2004; and travelling all the way from Scotland to Plymouth (nearly 500 miles) to play a ten-minute gig to noone in a venue behind a bus station. (We didn’t get paid either. Hang on, we never got paid.)

It’s these gigs, however, that are the most memorable. So I’d like to thank Tim who took me along last night to see Mi Ami play in a random storeroom on the 8th floor of a record shop in Shinjuku. There must have been twenty people there max – everyone having a mid-week dance in the dark amongst fax machines, desktop lamps and shelves of cardboard boxes. Another gig to add to the ‘weird’ list.


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