Taipei Nights


If you have always dreamed of seeing an old man with a blue tongue selling a huge cart of multi-coloured slippers on the street at 11pm, then you’re in luck. Explore Taipei at night and you can fulfil your sordid footwear fantasy – as well as say hello to a few fashionable cockroaches who may or may not be wearing slippers, depending on their mood. (The ones I saw were barefoot, but I can’t be sure. It was too dark to tell.)

There are a lot of cliches about cities at night. New York is known as the City That Never Sleeps, while Vegas, Tokyo and Hong Kong are famous for their neon nightscapes as much as their daylight personas. When the sun sets in Taipei, however, it takes on a sleepy vibe. (Most of) the daytime mopeds have pissed off – and while people in the UK are content to spend their evenings indoors watching mindless shite on TV, it seems like everyone in Taipei just, well, hangs about. Even at midnight you’re likely to see people just sitting on their arses at a street corner, talking, with no sign of going home. 

I always seem to just wander aimlessly at night when I visit a new country. Taiwan was no exception.

Oh, and the more I think about it, the roaches were definitely wearing slippers.


Monk getting his fortune told. “You will be featured on a blog.”


Old people like to sit about and talk about being old people


KEVIN. Worst name for a tattoo shop ever. Very strange to see people openly getting tattooed on the street over here. The guy inside this shop was getting his back done while a dog was sniffing round his arse. 


I started drinking on the street and met a bunch of randoms


We went to a bar close to where I was staying and I drank too much Jamesons. Not as much as the Japanese guy in the middle of this pic though, he was completely hammered. Turns out he lives near me in Tokyo. 


Men buying porn
. They were studying the backs of the DVDs for quite some time as if to pretend they actually cared about the plot.


My alleyway fetish continues…

Goodnight. Zzzzz

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