The one that got away

BlahA few Sundays back I was wandering aimlessly around the skyscraper district in Shinjuku. I had one of those hangovers where you feel like you’re on valium, floating through the day, not quite in your own body. I decided to go to the top of the Metropolitan Government Building to just sit there and look out over the city. When I got to the top, the sun was coming down over Tokyo with Mount Fuji in the distance. The sky was on fire. It was probably the most iconic image I’d ever seen. I took out my camera to take a picture, but as soon as I pressed the button the battery died. So I just stood there, watching the sun come down. I guess I wasn’t meant to take a picture. I was just meant to take it all in.

I often forget I live here. The smell of damp tatami. The chorus of cicadas. The hum of neon. It’s amazing how quickly these things become normal. Every once in a while though – just like that night in Shinjuku – something smashes you right between the eyes to make you remember.

Life is all about experiences. That’s it. We’re born. We die. But it’s the dash between those two dates that counts.


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