Little Miss Cheeseburger


Once upon a time there was a little cheeseburger who lived in a bento shop near Hachimanyama Station in Tokyo, Japan. She shared her small yet adequate living space with some rice and potato salad and was carefully packaged for me to have for my lunch one day last week. Cliches aside, it really was love at first sight. I carried her lovingly to my school and taught my lessons – but my date with her at lunchtime was never far from my mind. Finally, 12pm came. I carefully carried Little Miss Cheeseburger down to the school kitchen and put her in the microwave, careful not to burn her. She enjoyed the heat and told me it felt like summer. I took her out of the microwave and carried her up to the classroom so we could be together. This was the moment I had been waiting for. I unwrapped the packaging and saw her naked. This was it.

Then a kid leaned over me and was sick all over her so I threw her in the bin.

Welcome to my lunchtime. I’m not saying this happens every day, but every day something does happen: be it a kid spinning on the floor like Homer Simpson or having one of my seven-year-old students pretending to be a talkshow host before trying to kick me.

I took a short tour around my school the other day. The video below shows just how big it is and the general madness I’m surrounded by on a daily basis. Enjoy.

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