“This ain’t no glitzy Tokyo Halloween party. This will be an experience unlike any other. An abandoned hospital on the edge of Shinjuku. Prepare to be locked in ’til dawn.”

An all-night rave in an abandoned hospital in Tokyo? Shit the bed, what a concept. It’s as if the organisers of this madness climbed inside my brain and took notes on what would make the perfect party.

Completely sold out, the hype surrounding this event came to a head on Saturday night when 300 people were asked to silently make their way to an abandoned hospital in a quiet residential area of Tokyo. No one really quite knew what to expect. Would it live up to the hype? Or fall flat on its arse…

To be honest, I was kinda sceptical. Japan – and Tokyo especially – has a number of themed horror restaurants that while are kinda cool in the novelty sense, aren’t really rough enough round the edges. My recent haikyo finds made me want this party to properly deliver. And I think it did.

Arriving at the reception it looked like you were checking in for an appointment. A Japanese nurse scanned the barcodes on our mobiles and handed us hospital gowns which would be our tickets. I was unsure this place was even gonna be a real hospital, but low and behold, room after room was filled with old-school sinks, beds, surgical tables and other random shit. Two floors down in the main room DJs played while someone let off a fire extinguisher and covered the place. Secret rooms held TVs playing nothing but static while masked figures lurked in the background. I opened a door to small room that had nothing but industrial pipes and a guy standing there in the pitch dark wearing a Michael Myers mask.

A girl in a see-through UV hospital gown played an out-of-tune electric violin while a guy wearing nothing but a robe rocked back and forth hypnotically in a chair. There was an MRI machine which patients could climb into and be scared shitless, and surgical tables offering cosmetic surgery.

All in all, it was pretty mental. Fair play to the Tokyo Indie lads who put it on: it must have taken a shitload of planning. Apparently this is the first of many weird parties from this lot. Looking forward to seeing what they have in store next.


The MRI room: two adjoined rooms split with a two-way mirror. Tom, Mike and Milky in the Control Room blasting nightmarish breakcore music into the minds of anyone willing to climb into the MRI machine.


Cosmetic Surgery


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