Like a Parasite


Okay, Okay… I’m sorry you had to see that picture. But what’s done is done and you can’t unsee it so dry your eyes. I guess I should explain what it is. Basically it’s a mouse whose stomach has exploded as a result of a flesh eating parasite. Feel better now? Didn’t think so. I’m sure this little fella wasn’t in the best of moods when he died – after all, nobody really wants or expects their stomach to explode when they wake up in the morning. To add insult to injury, this poor bastard is now on permanent display at the Parasite Museum in Meguro. So he’s not only dead, he’s humiliated on a daily basis. 

So, um, yeah. The Parasite Museum. I can’t even remember how I heard about this place, and I’m equally confused as to why I went, but it was another surreal Tokyo experience that’s for sure. About a hundred parasites lined up in jars filled with formaldehyde. On the second floor there was a souvenir shop where you could buy postcards and tshirts of these flesh eating monsters – and on one of the walls, I kid you not, there was a giant picture of a man with elelphantitis of the scrotum.

When I saw two seven-year olds smiling sweetly beside an 8-metre tapeworm to get their photo taken by their parents, I took that as my cue to leave. Bizarre.


One comment

  1. Anonymous

    I’m hoping there is parasite postcard (and a novelty flavoured kit kat) winging it’s way to County Antrim.

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