Sunday, bloody Sunday: Tokyo’s Zombie Bar


Partying with zombies in central Tokyo on a Sunday afternoon? Be careful, you might go to hell…

On 07 March 321, Constantine 1, Rome’s first Christian Emperor, decreed that Sunday should be observed as the Roman day of rest. He would therefore have been absolutely appalled at my behaviour today: drinking beer while dressed as a zombie and surrounded by ornamental sex toys.

It’s not exactly the type of thing you expect to be doing at 3pm on a Sunday afternoon. But when I first heard about this place I knew I just had to check it out. Run by zombie-obsessed freaks Zombiena – the same guys who organise the Zombie Walk in Yoyogi Park every year – it’s an intimate affair: a small bar in Roppongi that can hold maybe 30 people tops.

Climb up a narrow stairway, open the unassuming door, and daylight turns to dark. The small room is lavishly decorated in black leather, with soft lighting and a stuffed crow hanging from the wall. The zombie staff (who refer to each other by number not by name) are busy giving people gruesome makeovers and serving cocktails such as Zombie Blood and Zombie Bile.

One waitress aggressively straddled me while splashing fake blood on my face.

All in all, it was more fun than going to church.



Zombie Bar is held on the final Sunday of each month at Night Gallery Café Crow, Roppongi. (¥1000 cover charge. Beers ¥600, cocktails ¥900. Zombie makeover ¥1000.)


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