Pleasant Screams: The Queers @ Koenji High, Tokyo


Love him or hate him, Joe Queer is a bit of a legend. He formed The Queers in the year I was born and they are still going strong: playing shitty venues all over the world to a legion of devoted, grubby fans. I missed out on seeing them play Belfast in both 2004 and 2005 due to being in Asia, but when I found out they were playing Tokyo on Monday night I was already dusting off my old Screeching Weasel tshirt and getting ready for the show.

Koenji High is a sweatbox of a venue – two floors underground with room for about 100 people. As with all Japanese gigs (hence the inflated ticket prices) the sound was incredible. But the best thing about a Queers gig is the fans, mainly because there’s a 90% chance that everybody in the room likes all the same bands you do. I must have met about 20 people wearing Riverdales, Lillingtons and Teenage Bottlerocket shirts.


My friends have a bit of history with the band. Joe cooked Mully and Baron breakfast in Belfast one time, and my mate Griswold actually drummed for them for a bit before a hilarious falling-out. This history meant the gig was even more fun for me – though it woulda been nice to transport my Belfast crew there for the night. I miss you all, you absolute bastards. x


Setlist went something like this (though in completely the wrong order): Born to do Dishes / Like a Parasite / Cindy’s on Methadone / Don’t Back Down / Teenage Bonehead / Night of the Livid Queers / Punk Rock Girls / Tamara is a Punk / I Hate Everything / Love Love Love / Another Girl / Everything’s OK / Ben Weasel / Granola Head / Ursula Finally Has Tits / No Tit / Fuck the World / I Only Drink Bud / This Place Sucks / Wimpy Drives through Harlem / Kicked out of the Webelos / See Ya Later Fuckface / I Wanna Be Happy


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