Japanese Masturbation Manual


So, um, yeah… I guess the title says it all. Just when I thought nothing could top my book about women licking door handles, I stumbled across this little doozy: a manual devoted entirely to the male act of self love. And that’s putting it nicely.

Not only does this book exist, but I actually had the gall to go up to the cash register and pay for it. It was a present for my friend’s birthday (yeah right, I hear you scoff) and it got a fair few odd looks when he unwrapped it in the bar. I like to imagine that the illustrator was just some regular guy who had this brief arrive on his desk one day:

Hello Takeshi,

I hope you are well. Good work on the Sony job – the client was very happy with the campaign and thought your illustrations did the brand justice. I think we can expect an increase in sales as a result of your hard work. Anyway, for your next assignment I would like you to draw twenty pictures of a guy getting himself off. Please use your imagination. Thanks.”

Kind Regards,


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.



  1. Ross McKinnon

    Can you post the ISBN for me mate ? Want to see if I can get it at WH Smith ? Btw great blog……for your friends, yeah right!

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