Robo Sluts vs Dinosaurs: Tokyo’s Robot Restaurant


Every night, two storeys underground, giant mechazoid robots are fighting dinosaurs to the bitter death while bikini-clad girls hang from the ceiling. Welcome to Tokyo’s Robot Restaurant.

“You do realise this is every little boy’s dream don’t you?!” my mate screams to me in between mouthfuls of beer. As I take a look around the room at the spectacle before me, I have to agree: two T-Rex dinosaurs have just crashed through a barrier and are currently fighting a couple of robots. Japanese salarymen, drunk on extra strong Chu-Hi, are waving glowsticks about while girls wearing basically nothing are dancing to loud dance music. As Friday nights go in Japan, this is pretty hard to beat.


You’re seated almost as if you are taking part in some twisted game show. Girls in burlesque outfits serve drinks while giant video screens flash behind you.

Tokyo’s Robot Restaurant is an insane assault on the senses. $125 million in the making, it’s a place where the real world simply does not exist. LSD induced hallucinations do not come close. (Unless your last LSD trip featured an enormous neon tank and 15-ft female cyborgs with mechanical tits.)

It’s very rare that I’m left speechless by anything. But a random selection of “yeeeeeeoooooows” was about all I could muster for the duration of the show.

Go. Go now. And have your mind altered forever.




Robot Rave



Robot Restaurant is located in Shinjuku’s Kabukicho district in Tokyo. Entrance fee is ¥5,000 and includes a (pretty average) bento. Drinks are ¥400 (cans of Asahi and Strong Chu-Hi). Reservations must be made in advance in Japanese.

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