NOFX in Tokyo: So Long and Thanks for All the Shoes…


Im 31. Wow. That sounds weird when I write it down. I first got into NOFX when i heard White Trash, Two Heebs and a Bean way back in 1997. Since then I’ve seen them X number of times in five different countries, always jumping about, always having a laugh.

Tonight i saw them again in Tokyo, and well, something had changed. It was average. The same old songs. The same old jokes. This is a band that doesn’t have to try any more. And, quite frankly, they don’t. This was punk rock karaoke. With a £40 price tag.

For me, the best part about tonight was hanging about outside the venue before and after the show. I drank beers with Old Man Markley, ate katsu kare with a Japanese punk band and wondered if maybe I’m past the whole “going to gigs” thing. Sounds sad I know, but my old band mate and good friend Baron touched on this last year. I reckon I’m in agreement. You can read his post here.

Maybe the tide will change. But for now, NOFX: So Long and Thanks for All the Shoes…


Jesse from Old Man Markley


Yes please


The walk home

Song of the night? From Old Man Markley. And it wasn’t even their song.


  1. kungnife

    I tried Googling this with keywords: hobo, orange, keytar, random tapes, and, nofx, steak rave, and nothing.

  2. My first gig ever was an underage NOFX gig at The Powerstation in Auckland in the late ’90s. Their show was anything but punk karaoke back then. I can’t imagine doing the same job for 15+ years and have it sounding fresh. I guess karaoke in Tokyo sounds legit?

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