Hacienda Oiso Festival 2013


24 Hour Party People: Acid House in the Shonan sun

Sun. Music. Dancing. Random pints with Peter Hook. Sneaking backstage. Pool parties. More sun. More music. Hotel antics. 808 State live. Acid House. Girls. Bikinis. 

That pretty much sums up my experience at the Hacienda Oiso Festival – a two-day affair on Oiso Long Beach about 90 mins from central Tokyo. Named after the legendary Manchester club, the Hacienda fest is all about vibes, plain and simple. I was lucky enough to basically blag a free ticket for the Saturday, and to be honest I went down on the train with little-to-no expectations. I was blown away by the set-up though, and I’ll be back down next year for sure.

“This is it. The birth of rave culture. The beatification of the beat. The dance age. Welcome to Madchester.”

Room with a view


808 State live


Miami exists, just outside Tokyo



Graham Massey from 808 State. Was cool to talk to him about touring the US with Autechre and the release of Prebuild on Rephlex.

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