Lock & Load! Shooting Bar EA, Tokyo


Drink booze & shoot the shit out of things, Tokyo style.

Directly in front of me a nicely dressed woman is locking and loading an AK-47. Directly behind me my friends are doing the biggest shots of tequila I’ve ever seen. This is Shooting Bar EA – Tokyo’s BB gun shooting range, a place where the menus are chock-full of booze and guns, and pacifism should be left at the door. Hanging on the wall there are Glocks, Sig Sauers, Colts, as well as insane amount of machine guns and sniper rifles. You can shoot them all. There’s even a Samurai Edge, the handgun used in the Resident Evil video games. Sign a bit of paper, choose your weapon, have a beer and shoot stuff. Lovely.

Here’s the delightful Bobak perusing what’s on the menu…

Shooting Bar EA Tokyo

War is OK as long as there are little manga characters smiling at you

Shooting Bar EA Tokyo

There are racks of guns to choose from, full-size replicas of machine guns. This is in a bar. I don’t think this would work in Northern Ireland.

Shooting Bar EA tokyo

I went for the classic AK-47 assault rifle at the top there and put 70 shots in the hostage’s head.

Shooting Bar EA TokyoShooting Bar EA Tokyo

Shooting Bar EA Tokyo

Shooting Bar EA Tokyo Shooting Bar EA Tokyo Shooting Bar EA Tokyo


From Kichijoji station, take the South Exit and travel west towards the intersection. Turn left down Kichijoji Doori and the bar will be on your right after a short walk. (1-5-5 Gotenyama, Sawada Building 2F, Musashino-shi Tokyo.)

¥500 cover charge. ¥500 for 2 magazines/~70 shots. Beer & cocktails from ¥600. 5pm-1am



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  3. Legal drinking age is 20, so since it’s a bar I’d prob say say 20. But there were no bouncers or anything so unless you look very very young you’d be fine

  4. H Burrell

    This looks like the typical noisy, overcrowded Japanese venue, a shooting range with a couple of rows, you wait half an hour to shoot a dozen BB pellets and there are 20 people eagerly waiting in line behind you… I hardly see the pleasure of shooting in a relaxed environment there.

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