The 9/11s storm the UN!


Baltimore supergroup The 9/11s destroy world peace with a little help from the Jurassic Park soundtrack and Scatman John.

“The 9/11s put the Hit in sHit. Pioneers in a psychotic new sound, Baltimore Diarrhoea Wave, these DJs are serious as a heart attack and will take no prisoners in taking over the world.

“Formed in a dark corner of a Shibuya club, with their DJ partnership cemented by Poof Juice, DJ Golden Showers and DJ River Phoenix are ready to party with you and make you dance your nightmares away.”

– DJ River Phoenix

Ambassadors Showers & Phoenix, confidants to the eighth Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon.

Sitting in his Tokyo hotel room, DJ River Phoenix looks relaxed. One half of Emmy-award winning supergroup, The 9/11s, he carefully folds his copy of the Japan Times and sets it down beside a freshly opened can of Strong Zero. “We made the front page again,” he smiles. “Did you see that?” Phoenix is of course referring to the group’s gig the previous afternoon at the University of the United Nations – an invitation that came personally from the Secretary-General himself, Ban Ki-moon.

“The 9/11s were untucking in the Interior Illusions Lounge after a long day of werk, when suddenly the 9/11 Hotline rang. To our surprise it was Ban Ki Moon himself, begging us to get to the United Nations University in Aoyama as soon as possible. Yes, we were needed to save the citizens of Tokyo from a serious outbreak of the Hep, caused by boredom at farmers markets.

“Luckily, The 9/11s are into charity (we donated all the profits from our Lemon Party to the Golden Showers Foundation For Clean Water In Africa). Wan King Moon made the right decision – The 9/11s slayed the UN and yet another disaster was averted.”


Celebs in high places: Zayn from One Direction is a personal friend of the group and joined them at the UN.

GONE VIRAL: Watch the 9/11s playing to a sell-out crowd of one drunk Japanese girl at the UN.

You can join the 9/11s militia here.

250390_252429478109432_5369147_n IMG_9034[1]

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