BUDDHA IS A FAT BASTARD… and other search terms.


You people are weird. But I like you.

Since I started this blog a few years back it has grown more than I ever thought it would in terms of reach and readership. It originally started out as a little diary for myself: a push for me to stay creative here in Tokyo, and a visual way for me to keep in touch with my friends and family.

Over time though, it has somehow taken off. It’s strangely been featured in magazines, nominated for a few awards and I’ve even had one of my posts recorded and aired on the BBC. I now have the opportunity to personally feature musicians I love on my blog – and I have readers from places as far away as Rwanda, Bhutan and Ethiopia.

All of this makes me happy because I don’t write with SEO in mind – and I reject all requests for banner advertisements on this site. I only write what I want to write about. End of.

Randomly my posts on Boards of CanadaCliff Jumping in Bali and Spirited Away in Jiufen  are the ones that get the most daily traffic. But the beauty of wordpress is that you can monitor what countries are visiting your site, as well as some of the hilarious search terms that have led some strange people here. Below is a list of some of my favourites. People have typed these exact phrases into Google and somehow been led to Ikimasho!

They all sound like the names of some shitty up-and-coming hipster bands.

  • superhero taking a shit
  • gas mask wedding photo
  • waking up in the morning and it’s dark
  • bizarre sex in restaurant
  • francis bacon is the man who paints disturbing images
  • shit vendors in Japan
  • girl shits unko rice
  • giant girl vs. boy
  • licking door handles
  • the economy is a mess
  • sunday sex in tokyo
  • individually wrapped banana in japan
  • the 1000 year old man
  • people that have 1000 teeth
  • there is a vending machine on the platform
  • average cost of a funeral
  • picture of man having a shit
  • underground giant robots fighting
  • sexy and shamed japanese girl
  • buddha is a fat bastard



  1. Haha this is brilliant. I’ve been reading your blog for ages now- I think I found it through Vivian’s blog, but I can’t really remember. I didn’t even remember your cliff jumping post, but I was recently researching visiting Nusa Lembongan and it came up in google. I was pretty happy to find a post by a blogger I already read about a place I was planning to visit. As for the other ways people come to your blog- I am laughing too hard to even formulate a thought on that right now!

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