Hell: A Beginner’s Guide


Be a bad boy or girl and you’ll be stabbed, burned and cut into little pieces. Okay?

“Excuse me. What does chinoike jigoku mean?” I ask one of my Japanese female colleagues at work. She can’t tell me in English so gets out her phone and translates. “Ahhh. It means Blood Pond Hell.” Hmm OK. What about katsu jigoku? “That”s Thirst-Hell, where red-hot iron pills are administered.” Hinokuruma? “A fiery chariot which carries the souls of sinners into hell.” What about Harinoyama? “Hell’s mountain of needles.”

So I guess this is book about hell then?


This is a children’s book from my Japanese kindergarten. It shows kids that they’ll go to hell if they do wrong, such as lie, don’t keep their promises, or make fun of others. Not only will they go to hell, but they’ll be stabbed, burned, cut into pieces, and more. Nice.


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  1. culturalxplorer

    Wow! There sure are some VERY interesting books floating around Japan. I am surprised that this is in a kindergarten class of all places!

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