BEATZ – Divergences & Contradictions of Electronic Music


Tokyo to feature in a new documentary charting the evolution of electronic music

I feel the Japanese scene is really alive with so much positive energy.

Filmed with practically no budget, minimal technical resources but a fervent desire to document an important piece of music history, “Beatz” is the result of three years of effort and the absolute dedication of Spanish techno producer Eduardo De La Calle, with help of Vincent Livolsi, Daniel Arasanz and Iban Ugalde.

The film is shot in various cities including Berlin, Tokyo, Barcelona, New York, Amsterdam and Paris and functions as rapid subjective summary of today’s dance music scene, from its origins to the professionalisation of the genre and the paradigm shift that has come with the digital age.

“I hope to take the viewer on a journey through electronic music, from its humble beginnings to its actual state, where it is much accepted and fully part of our society. The documentary intends to tackle questions such as its impact on society, the influence of technology and the image conveyed by the DJs – all of this through the contributions of the people interviewed.”

Participants include Derrick May, Carl Craig, Kenny Larkin, Paco Osuna, Nicolas Jaar, Ben Klock, Luciano, Laurent Garnier, Ambivalent, Apparat, François K, Marcel Dettmann, Ellen Alien, Seth Troxler and many more.

The documentary will premiere at this year’s Sonar Festival in Barcelona in June. Afterwards it will be available to stream online.

I spoke to Eduardo about his forthcoming documentary. Check out the trailer below, along with what he has to say about Tokyo.

“I have visited Tokyo twice during DJ tours in 2012 and 2013. I was paying in the Shibuya district as well as other cities like Nagoya and Kyoto. I think the Japaneses artists are super great! Actually the only artist I release tracks from on my label Analog Solutions is Takahiro Oisi – a Japanese producer from Osaka. The first techno song on the documentary is from him, so I’m really open to new  Japanese artists and talents. I feel the Japanese music scene is really alive with so much positive energy. Japan treats me really well during my tours and I feel totally integrated there. I also notice that all the DJs in Japan are playing vinyl so it is wonderful to see. Warm regards. Eduardo.”


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