BBC Audio Postcard from Tokyo


“Bangor’s Justin Egli, who currently lives in Tokyo, tells us lies about what he’s been up to on his travels.”

I’ve had some odd experiences on the radio since I started this site. On Christmas Day 2012 I was on the BBC talking about travel, then at the end of last year BBC Radio 4 turned one of my short stories into a spoken word piece for one of their programmes.

Last week I was briefly on the radio again, this time lying through my teeth for a laugh on the Saturday Show on BBC Radio Ulster. For some reason as soon as I opened my mouth I started spouting a load of crap for a laugh and just went with it: told them I design plastic food for a living, teach sumo wrestlers how to cook casserole and that I do sex tours of the red light district. I then dedicated it to my mates and Aphex Twin and requested Phil Collins.

They cut out the sumo wrestlers and sex tours, but I’m glad that I’m now regarded as a prominent designer of plastic food. The photo I gave them is also nearly as ridiculous as the Vengaboys snippet and Asian music that accompanies it.

You can listen to it here.


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