Japanese kindergarten tokyo

A few weeks back my kindergarten threw a party for the kids unlike anything I’d ever seen. Based around the theme ‘It’s a Small World’ they transformed the school into an International Holiday Resort.

Japanese kindergarten tokyo

The kids arrived at 4pm and would stay over until the next day. They were given special passports that they had to stamp before they were allowed in, and each teacher was dressed in a costume from a different part of the world: China, Switzerland, Hawaii, Wild West etc.

Japanese kindergarten tokyo

Once the kids dumped off all their stuff we took them to the local park to play and walk about…

Japanese kindergarten tokyo

Meanwhile, the rest of the teachers were busy transforming the hall into a Thai Restaurant for the evening.

Japanese kindergarten tokyo

Crazy amount of prep…

Japanese kindergarten Tokyo

“What would Sir and Madame care to eat this evening?”


Upstairs the classrooms were being prepared for when the kids went to sleep.


The sun began to set. For the majority, this was the first time these kids had ever been away from home. They are only 5 and 6.

Japanese kindergarten tokyo

Dinner was Thai pineapple rice with chicken, prawn crackers and coriander soup.

Japanese kindergarten tokyo

While for desert a huge curtain was pulled back to reveal an insanely long table with yogurt and all sorts of toppings.

Japanese kindergarten tokyo

The teachers all did a Hawaiian dance, and there were professional slide guitarists and ukulele players.

Japanese kindergarten tokyo

When it got dark we all went outside and had a spooky campfire.

Japanese kindergarten tokyo

And just when I thought the kids couldn’t get any more mental with excitement…

Japanese kindergarten tokyo

Out came the fireworks. What a party!

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