Have you ever wanted to slide down a giant toilet while wearing a hat that looks like a turd? Well, in Tokyo, now you can.

It’s 10am in Tokyo and my friends and I are staring at a picture of a cartoon poo called ‘Britto’. According to the text beside him, “his yellow color is not the result of suntan, but because he is in good health.” This is only the beginning of what will most likely be the strangest few hours of our lives…

tokyo toilet museum

Right now at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan) there’s a very strange exhibition…

tokyo toilet museum

One where you have to hobble through a mini toilet door to enter…

tokyo toilet museum

And agree not to defecate on the exhibition itself.

tokyo toilet museum

This is “Toilet!? – Human Waste & Earth’s Future” – a special exhibition that aims to praise the toilet and explore the current state of sanitation across the globe.

tokyo toilet museum

It features a colourful cast of characters such as Wipey (“When I am not around everybody’s in trouble”)…

tokyo toilet museum

Dr. Bendel who conducts fecal experiments on himself…

tokyo toilet museum

An official ‘Feces Ambassador’…

tokyo toilet museum

And the aforementioned Britto – a pin-up adventure traveller who has apparently just returned from Kenya.

toilet museum tokyo

The exhibition features examples of poo from all sorts of animals and has a flying Superhero crap called ‘Superunchi’.

tokyo toilet museum

You are invited to make a replica of your own mess using playdough – and if you find someone with good feces, praise them. WELL DONE.

tokyo toilet museum

Urination does not go unnoticed. How powerful is YOUR piss?

tokyo toilet museum

Here’s Dr. Bendel having a wee dander about.

tokyo toilet museum

The star of the show is a giant 20ft toilet which you can climb up and then slide down while wearing a hat that looks like a turd. READ THAT SENTENCE AGAIN. NO, SERIOUSLY, READ IT AGAIN.


Check out a video of some singing toilets and the toilet slide below



Want to meet Britto and slide down the toilet yourself? Then head on over to the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan) where “Toilet!? – Human Waste & Earth’s Future” will run until 05 October 2014. (1,200 yen.)



  1. monty

    This is better than women licking door handles. The pic at the end with the caption sums you up jar haha

  2. clovia

    Hi, there. My name is clovia, who actually currently study Architecture in UTS, Sydney, NSW. I am study about the arrangement and structure of museum, one of the requirement is we have to study a Bizarre Museum. And I really interested in ur toilet museum, however I couldnt find any email address that I can contect. I am wondering is that possible for you to send me the floor plan and your toilet exhibition arrengement to me, only for study use.

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