Another award nomination… for the digital version of me.


Ikimasho! has been nominated for an Irish Blog Award – best blog by someone living overseas.

I’m flattered. Thank you. But even more than this, I’m proud of what this site has managed to achieve over the last few years.

This site is a digital version of me. I only write what I want to write about. These are my interests, which is why I’m so stoked that so many of you choose to follow me.

Ikimasho! started as a way for me to keep in touch with my family and friends back home in Northern Ireland after I moved to Tokyo. Two years later, it is has become one of the most poplar cultural blogs in Japan – with my interests at its core. If there’s a punk band in America I love, I’ll get in touch with them and ask them to guest. I don’t care if any one reads it – but for me, it’s like all my childhood heroes are slowly collecting on this site. It’s pretty unbelievable, really.

I love doing it. I love promoting Japan to the world, and I love showing that you can do whatever the hell you want with your life. You only live once.

Thanks so much to everyone who continues to click on this site, you make my day. I’m off to Indonesia again next week. I’m sure there are lots of exciting things to come.

Justin / Ikimasho!


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