Burger King’s Black Cheeseburger hits Japan

Black cheeseburger burger king japan

Have it your way. As long as it’s a black, soggy mess.

So yes, this actually exists. A black cheeseburger featuring a black bun, with black sauce and black cheese. The Kuro Burger (“kuro” means black) is now available at Burger King in Japan. The buns and cheese are made with bamboo charcoal to achieve the dark color and the sauce includes squid ink as an ingredient. But what does it taste like I hear you ask? Well, I don’t have the inclination to put this crap inside my body. But hey, that’s what you have friends for, isn’t it? To be guinea pigs? Check out the video of my mate Aziz trying both variations of the Kuro Burger below.

Still hungry?

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One comment

  1. Burger King restaurant employees in Canada on average will be a lot Whiter than Burger King restaurant employees in the U.S because Canada’s fast food industry does not heavily depend on Mexican/Central American labor.

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