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Wyoming pop-punkers Teenage Bottlerocket talk to IKIMASHO! about Japan and their new album

I`m gonna open this article with the following sentence: I had dinner with Jughead from Screeching Weasel in Tokyo last month. How cool is that?! As IKIMASHO! has grown I`ve been lucky to hang out with and feature some of my favourite bands, which for me is pretty amazing: from The Queers to Jesse Michaels from Operation Ivy. So I`m super stoked to have one of my favourite bands as my next guest on IKIMASHO! TEENAGE BOTTLEROCKET!

I`ve listened to these guys since the early days, and for me they are right up there now with the bands that influenced them in the first place. I talked to bassist Miguel about Japan, the new TBR album and asked him to pick 10 random YouTube videos for me: the result is a random mish-mash of punk rock mixed with yoga and the Toxic Avenger. Enjoy!


Me and Kody from Teenage Bottlerocket in Belgium, 2011.

Hey Miguel. So you guys played Japan for the first time in 2009 yeah? How was it?

Playing Japan was a dream come true. We had always talked about how cool it’d be to play Japan so when the opportunity presented itself we jumped right on it! We got to play with some really great bands including Voodoo Glow Skulls from the USA and Japanese bands the Headbangers and our old friends Electric Summer. The whole trip was really amazing, the people were great the shows were super fun and the different parts of Tokyo were so beautiful. We really hope to come back someday

Any funny stories from your time touring in Japan?

Ordering food was kind of a challenge because of the language barrier, we did find this place that had curry, beef and rice we all really enjoyed so we’d eat there often. One day Brandon and I decided to try something else so we walked a couple blocks away. We had no idea what we were ordering, just sort of pointed at some pictures on the menu and..well long story short we got some really weird food. Even when it arrived we still had no idea what it was, I had this small bowl of noodles that was really good but the next thing I ate I hated. It was like a silver piece of some sort of protein with a red sauce and a weird texture I couldn’t handle it. The next day we went back to the beef/rice bowl place.

Do any of you have any strong connections with Asia? Through music or family trees or whatever?

My great grandparents moved from China to Singapore, where my grandfather was born, he eventually ended up in Mexico, where my parents are from and I was born. I have always felt a strong connection to Asia because of my heritage. As far as music I have always been a big Hi-Standard fan, and being a big horror movie fan I love a lot of the Japanese horror like Ju-On, Audition and Suicide Club.

TBR are back in the studio in December. Tell me more!

We are in the studio now working on our first full length for Rise Records and we are really stoked. Bill Stevenson is producing and it’s our first time with a producer so that has been a really great experience. As far as what to expect it is definitely a TBR record we’re not going super weird or anything, but as with each record I believe there is a little bit of growth from the album before. So I would say expect more of the same, but hopefully a little better.


Ramones – Poison Heart

“Ramones. Because Ramones.”

The Heart Practices

“A talk by Buddhist/Punk Rock Author Noah Levine. His books were instrumental in getting me to start meditating.”

Angry Mario Kills Everyone

“A funny video about Super Mario.”

Rudimentary Peni – Live in London

“The only live footage I’ve ever found of Rudimentary Peni, one of my favorite bands.”

Ashtanga Yoga Headstand for Beginners

“How to do a yoga headstand. I love yoga and headstands.”

Toxic Avenger : Grindhouse trailer

“A preview for my favorite classic Troma movie, The Toxic Avenger.”

Return to Nuke Em High Volume 1

“A preview for my favorite new Troma movie, Return to Nuk Em High.”

NOFX – Cokie The Clown

If you watch closely right around the 1 minute mark our drummer Brandon gets blasted in the face with powder.

The 20 Belows – My Very Best

“The 20 Belows, our friends from Denmark and one of my favorite bands.”

Tony Sly’s Final Show – Linoleum (NOFX)

“A video of our friends Joey Cape and the late great Tony Sly playing Linoleum at the last show Tony played before he passed. Rest in Peace dear friend.”







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