I’ve been extremely busy lately concocting some travel plans. As a result, I’ve been neglecting my creative side. So in a bid to squash that notion I’ve decided to post five photos a day for five days, each with a different theme – offering some observations about Japan. Today’s theme:

Old Man / お爺さん


Astro Boy: The Takadanobaba district of Tokyo is home to Astro Boy, a fictional character created by Osamu Tezuka. To commemorate this, Takadanobaba Station plays the theme music of the television series on the JR Yamanote platform to signal that a train is about to leave. 


Coin Laundries are everywhere in Japan. Because houses are so small here, many people are forced to have washing machines sitting outside on their balcony. Many choose not to have one at all, instead opting to use the coin laundry down the road. Others, like myself, wash clothes at home then dry them in the big driers. Some coin laundries even have special microwave-looking contraptions for you to dry your wet trainers. I want to own one.


You’ll find this a lot in Japan. Even though the bus stop pictured here actually has a bench, people will randomly bring chairs and leave them by the bus stop so they don’t have to stand. It happens mostly out in the ‘burbs. Lazy or ingenious bastards? I can’t quite decide.


Old men in Japan simply don’t give a shit. Mass over-generalisation here, but they will push you out of the way, spit into their handkerchief on the train and then proceed to look at tits on the morning commute.


Lest we forget that Japanese old men are the original hipsters: random oversized coats bought in thrift stores, shoes with no socks, beards, mustaches, and more hats than you throw a can of Strong Zero at. To be honest, any guy who wears a Nescafe bomber jacket deserves special recognition. A knighthood at least.

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