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I don’t really put many photos of myself up here. So for my sake, here are a few recent ones for posterity, lest they get lost in the digital wasteland that is my hard drive, never to be seen again.

I realise that I have a lot of people out there who actually don’t know me in real life; people from all over the world who subscribe to Ikimasho! So I hope you forgive this brief moment of self indulgence. As I mentioned before, the last month or so I have been sorting out some travel plans – and while my real-life friends obviously know about them, my digital readers don’t. My next post will outline some of these plans, so watch this space.

To all of you who continue to click on Ikimasho!, thank you. ** If you do like the site, I’d love it if you took a minute to leave a comment below, telling me where you are from. I’d love to hear from you. ** I want to hear from the invisible readers who visit the site regularly – so please leave a comment 🙂

As for writing, photography and travel, I promise the next few months are going to be somewhat of an adventure. Over and out. Justin

Justin Egli

Justin Egli Justin Egli Justin Egli Justin Egli


  1. Richard Barlow

    Hello Justin
    You asked for comments from regular readers. I think you probably know I do read Ikimasho and I will continue to do so. In fact I am looking forward to hearing about your travels. Also, if you come to the UK and would like to see anything of the Yorkshire Dales just let me know.
    Bon voyage.
    Richard Barlow

  2. Keon

    Hey Justin,
    I’m Keon and I’m currently in Houston , Tx . Big fan of Ikimasho for some time now and I must say, I’m quite stoked on your next post previewing your next adventure. I am currently planning to travel throughout Europe next year and a that inspiration spawned from reading your blog. I believe your submerse segment is what brought me here. So shout out to submerse, can’t wait for your new ep to come out.

  3. Hey Keon, thanks! So glad I could inspire you a little – I may well be in Europe myself at some point so stay in touch and we can grab a beer. Safe travels 🙂

  4. Lisa

    Hi Justin,
    One of your friends actually introduced me to your site! (I met him on a trip to Iceland). I have been following and reading your posts ever since. Looking forward to hearing all about your future travel plans and seeing some more amazing pictures.
    Lisa (in Kildare)

  5. Thanks, Lisa! That would be Paul (aka Bibs). I hope you enjoyed Iceland as much as he did: I’m hoping to make it there this year. Safe travels 🙂

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