Musical depravity in zero gravity. From Cornwall to the cosmos with the Penryn Space Agency.

Since May 2014, qualified Space Captains Krzysztof Oktalski & MafpHew have been transmitting the latest and greatest hyperdimensional electronic space music via The Penryn Space Agency. In the last four shows, only 25 out of 154 tracks played have been pre-2015. For fans of good electronic music. Think #braindance #techno #drum&bass #house #ambient #unreleased #exclusives

Ahead of #PSA016, I asked Krzysztof & MafpHew for some flight data. Here are their selections.

Thank you to The Penryn Space Agency. Broadcasting to the universe every 4th Saturday of the month on The Source FM, Cornwall, UK. 10pm – Midnight.

Catch the PSA playing at the colundi everyOne events in October alongside Wisp, Aleksi Perälä, Dave Monolith, Jodey Kendrick, D’arcangelo, Serge Clone Records & DJ Rephlex Records. Info here.

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Thick Beef Curtains

“College summer holidays back in Cornwall, if I borrowed my mum’s car it only had a radio. The choice on FM was rubbish so I often listened to BBC Radio Cornwall, Laurence Reed and his afternoon callers with their rants and grumbles. I found it amusing back then, like when you hire a car in a foreign country and the radio stations always sound better with foreign voices. When I moved back to Cornwall I used to hear it on the radio quite often and didn’t find it funny, but this clip made up for it.”

Sun Ra: Space is the Place

“We played this as the opening track of Mission 014 in June 2015. Weeks after the UK General Election when the Conservative government took control in the UK, the future seems suddenly grim. Sun Ra would have sorted it right out, though we had to edit the ‘no whites’ part out of he track for the show ‘cos the PSA doesn’t condone racism. Though we are extremely bassist – if there isn’t a good bassline the track will be excluded from the party.”

Doctor Who Theme on eight floppy drives

“Krzysztof is an uberfan of both The Doctor and Delia; a classic track, remade on classic technology. The MP3 kids probably never saw one of these working. Nice idea!”

How “Lucifer’s Machine” Works Pt.1 (R$E)

“Aphex sent this link, this guy is reading way too much into the famous Chuck Roberts vocal assuming it’s all new world order indoctrination. You can tell he isn’t a ‘loop lover’. Krzysztof usually knocks up a track or intro for the show, this video was the inspiration for ‘House of Saturn’ made exclusively for Mission 010 back in Feb 2015, the R$E guy now performs this famous vocal. Conspiracy theories are great, but gestalt conspiracy theories are where it’s at; why think something’s against you when you can construct a narrative that says everything’s against you and the Devil’s to blame?!”

Chaos A.D. – Psultan (remix)

“Hi8 video footage from a Rephlex tour of Germany in ’98, 4 Live Acts, 4 DJs and 4 hours sleep on a good night. 9 dates over 10 days – Cylob, Global Goon, DMX Krew, D’Arcangelo, Mike Dred, K Rock, Squarepusher and MafpHew. My brother Damian came along for the ride and edited it down. A hardcore task as back then, even on his daddy spec PC, a 24hr render equated to about 1.5 seconds. But Damian was a hardcore chap – his plans of fitting Harrier Jump Jet fuel tanks to either side of his Land Rover and ‘driving’ across oceans to gigs luckily never happened – but his dedication to pushing things to the limits lives on via this video.”

Bogdan Raczynski interview

“This is an interview with Bog from around that time – 1999. I had the pleasure of seeing him perform in Japan; they went bonkers. There’s good footage about, one day that will be online too… We had the honour of previewing his latest mix on Mission 012 back in April. Bogdan – release more music please!”

Vinyl Mastering with George Peckham

“14 stops on the Piccadilly Line from the Rephlex Office to the Porkys cutting room. I went there a few times to see the magic and get high off acetate fumes.”

Wire Recording

“Now this is mastering!
Aleksi Perälä gets top marks all round, we play lots of Colundi on the PSA shows. It’s possibly the most linear techno ever, pure sine waves at regular intervals. The transparent vinyl is a thing to behold – you can see the pattern of the sound through the disk. Grant from Rephlex deserves a special mention here too, Rephlex released Aleksi’s debut album Lactavent under his Ovuca alias in 1999. 16 years later after The Schlockwood Laboratory of Science and Electricity had mastered The Colundi Sequence Level 8 to wire, a first in perhaps 40 years and certainly the first we know of since the invention of Discogs, Grant had to complain to Discogs as they didn’t have and were not willing to create a category for ‘wire recordings’ so it is listed under cylinder.”

Aphex Twin – minipops 67 [120.2]

“On first viewing I thought Chris Cummingham directed this on a low budget, but after watching a few more of Ryan’s videos its plain to see he’s on a level far beyond that. Good on him.”

Charanjit Singh: 2010

“Another Braindance Coincidence, when selecting these 10 videos, we watched this one and found out the following day that he had died 2 days before. Serious landmark album. RIP.”




















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