Gerry Adams in Sri Lanka


Usually when I’m in Asia and tell people I’m from Northern Ireland they cock their head and give me a blank stare, wondering what magical land it is that I have just invented. Other times they think I mean Iceland and begin talking about snow. Not this guy. He asked me where I was from and when I said Northern Ireland he just started saying “Gerry Adams” over and over again. Then he started doing hand movements to pretend he had a beard. I swear he must have said Gerry Adams about 10 times and nothing else.

Oddly, this somewhat surreal experience ties in with a post that fellow Northern Irish travel blogger Abbi Morrison wrote on her site, Life in a Rucksack, entitled, “Do travellers from Northern Ireland know their own culture?” Many people around the world are not aware Northern Ireland even exists. I’m not exaggerating. To make matters worse, I myself never quite know how to describe myself – Northern Irish, Irish, British… all three? It’s funny how a random tuktuk driver in Sri Lanka can equate Northern Ireland with Gerry Adams – and so it got me thinking what I associate it with. Potato bread? Cider? Answers on a postcard to Kandy, please.

Read Abbi’s post here.

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  1. This is quality Justin – it is the last place you’d think the name Gerry Adams (of all names!!) would come up.
    We are a strange wee country though, and never really spoke about much, apart from in reference to the troubles.
    Not sure what I’d associate NI with either!

    Thanks for sharing my article, and for your input into the comments within it.

    Safe travels


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