Yeeooow! Want a copy of FRUiTS for free? I’ll send you it for a laugh.

Last December I wrote an article for DAZED about the apparent decline of fashion subcultures on the streets of Tokyo. It was shared 3,000 times, with many people on Facebook agreeing that the streets of Harajuku look very different to what they were like ten years ago. But this is isn’t necessarily a bad thing. For while the maid uniforms, Lolita outfits and cosplayers have dwindled, Tokyo’s fashion scene is still as strong as ever.

Since 1997, FRUiTS magazine has documented street style on the streets of Harajuku. These days, it is heavily active on Instagram, with 65k followers. But for many years the physical magazine was extremely popular, with its pictures taking up the entire page, except for a white bar at the bottom breaking explaining the person’s outfit and a brief description of the person’s age, social position, and interests.

I recently picked up a near-mint copy of FRUiTS from back in 2011. Randomly, it features Kyary Pamyu Pamyu just before she exploded onto the scene.

For fun, I’m gonna give the magazine away to one of you along with a couple of hand-drawn IKIMASHO! cards. I’ll post it to anywhere in the world, the only rule being you have to live outside Japan to keep it interesting.

If you love Japanese culture, fashion or Tokyo in general, it’s a pretty cool thing to own. 🙂

To enter the competition, do so over on on the IKIMASHO! Facebook page here.

がんばって!/ Good luck!




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