A bizarre Japanese festival that kinda sucks – in more ways than one.

“Kawasaki, Japan: 10.30am. An American woman with gold pants and a massive ass is squatting on the ground in the convenience store, clutching a beer, looking as if she’s about to throw up. I look around and see more gaijin (foreigners) in the store than Japanese. Most look like military types who have come down from Yokosuka Naval base for the day. One guy, with a buzzcut and tshirt that says “STRENGTH” on it, is sucking on a large pink lollipop in the shape of a penis. Others laugh and take pictures of him. I half expect one of them to shout ‘spring break!’, headbutt someone and then trash the place. It’s a very, very weird atmosphere.”

I was down in Kawasaki last weekend for the annual Kanamara Matsuri – a festival centred around a penis-venerating shrine that was once popular with prostitutes who prayed for protection from sexually transmitted diseases. A totally bizarre festival – including this huge pink penis which was carried around the streets.

I wrote about it for DAZED. Check out the full article and photo gallery here.


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