Tsuyu / 梅雨

Rice Tokyo Japan

So rainy season (tsuyu/梅雨) has finally arrived, drowning Tokyo in a thick veil of humidity and raindrops that will last until mid-July. Yet for now, the rain has stopped: the only sound outside being the distant call of a tofu-seller wheeling his cart through the streets. As I sit here sipping on a mug of yuzu-cha/ゆず茶 (citrus tea made by mixing boiling water with marmalade) I realise that after five years of living in Japan, it is the little things that make me happy; buying rice from the lady who owns the the little shop on my street (pictured), or even just staring up at the mismatched buildings as I take my clothes down to the coin laundry to dry. I have written before about my connection with Japan, and how my dad unwittingly sent me off on this journey. And so with it being Father’s Day last weekend, I wanted to say ‘thank you’ again. Because perhaps if you hadn’t been here then, I wouldn’t be here now.


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