Amidst the pouring rain / 雨が降る中

Rainy Tokyo

I’m writing this from a small cafe in Ikebukuro that I have come to like. The rain is pattering against the window, and while the setting right at this present moment in time is somewhat idyllic, the constant onslaught of rain over the last few weeks has been anything but. In Japan, typhoons are numbered rather than being given a personal name. Today is Typhoon Number 22 – the 22nd typhoon of the year and the second in as many weekends. I haven’t blogged much recently, the reason being that I simply haven’t been exploring that much. The rain has kept the majority of Tokyoites indoors, and as if to prove a point, my plan for today is coffee before hiding out in the cinema to see the new Blade Runner. [Edit: I saw it and loved it.]

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Eating okonomiyaki last night in Harajuku

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Walking through the rainy streets of Harajuku

This time last year, myself along with tens of thousands of people took to the streets of Shibuya for Halloween – but this year I was content to give it a miss, choosing to avoid the rain and the crowds and just grab some food in Harajuku. Next weekend I will be travelling up to the north of Japan to Miyagi, and very much looking forward to seeing the sea and the mountains again. And so as Typhoon 22 hits Tokyo, here are a few simple photos from the last couple of weeks here in Tokyo.


One day, during a brief respite from the rain, I took a walk from Yoyogi Hachiman where I was working to Hatagaya to get some lunch. Walking along the backstreets, the sun brought the quieter side of Tokyo to life.


I have written this many times before, but the simple everyday scenes are what I like the most and what feel most Japanese to me.


Shadows & Sunlight


Lunch on that particular day was ramen from Hototogisu in Hatagaya. Clam broth with black truffle sauce and porcini mushroom oil.


A travelling zoo came to my school last week, and while I don’t like this sort of thing I told myself I was doing my part to try and teach the kids how to treat animals properly. I made a friend with this hamster.


And with these two dogs who were dressed up for Halloween in Shimokitazawa. Pumpkin booty.


Speaking of Shimokitazawa, the area surrounding the station is still under construction with many local shop owners being forced to close due to redevelopment. This alleyway actually used to be a covered arcade, but that is all gone now bar this one shop. Perhaps he just doesn’t want to close.


Finally, couldn’t help take a picture of this in a Chinese restaurant. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours…


I’ll be updating more regularly soon, but in the meantime I do post photos over on Facebook so give me a like here 🙂



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