As Winter Approaches / 冬の始まり


Winter never really hits Tokyo until January or February. And even then, you can sometimes get away with it not being too extreme. Right now, the city is in the final throws of Autumn – with the last of the stubborn trees shedding their leaves and the temperature slowly beginning to drop. As cliched as it sounds, I really can’t believe December has come around so quickly and that a new year is already on the horizon. While I haven’t ventured far out of Tokyo in the past month, the city itself continues to inspire me and I am enjoying daily life here.


As always, living in Tokyo is all about food. Sushi in Shinjuku…


Tempura in Ebisu at a nice little restaurant that also specialised in tofu. Among the deep-fried tempura was fig which I had never had served that way before.


Shabu Shabu in Shimokitazawa. For those of you who have never had this, you quickly submerge thinly sliced meat and vegetables into a boiling broth and then eat the cooked ingredients with dipping sauces. The broth on the left was kimchi, and the other a lighter soy base. 100 minutes all you can eat unlimited meat and vegetables for ¥2000 / £13. Crazy cheap compared to say the UK, especially considering the quality.


More ingredients, although this time on the street 🙂 Fruit, vegetables…


And of course, fish.


Autumnal afternoon sunshine in Oji…


Colours blanketing the city


This was taken on Monday, showing just how late Autumn lasts in Japan.

o-matic2 copy

Whether it’s an iconic view like Fuji…


Or a simple wooden building – both mean a lot to me.


A painting of Shibuya I really liked at the National Art Centre in Roppongi


Nighttime vibes in my neigbourhood…


Where the bus attendants carry lightsabers…


And people browse late into the night.


Christmas is nearly here!

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