Sayonara Sakura. A Spring Trip to Enoshima. さよなら桜

Enoshima Tokyo 5

And so as if in the blink of an eye, April has come and gone, taking with it this year’s sakura. Every year without fail, the petals burst into life, only to be swept away by the rivers and lost in the breeze. In ancient Japan, warriors were compared to sakura blossoms – born to live brilliantly and die young. And so when the petals fall, a gentle sadness can be felt all throughout Japan. But with this sadness comes rebirth. A time for change and new beginnings.

These last few months have been the busiest I have been in years – a new job, as well as making life plans with the person I love. Now that the sakura have fallen, I feel that I am turning a new chapter in my own life. I am excited for the months and years ahead.

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