It’s been a while, Asakusa / 久しぶりに浅草を冒険


Skytree rising in the distance as locals potter around the backstreets of Asakusa

East Tokyo, specifically Asakusa, is a part of the city I don’t spend too much time in. Having lived on the west side for the last six years, it can sometimes feel like a concerted effort to head over that direction unless for a specific reason such as a matsuri. Saying that, the east features heavily in guidebooks and for that reason Asakusa is always very, very busy – a mix of Japanese locals and international tourists shuffling shoulder-to-shoulder down the entrance-way to Sensoji Temple. Last weekend, we decided to be some of those tourists, heading to Asakusa to rent some bikes and cycle about. Alas, when we arrived at the rental place all of the bikes were gone, and so we had to content ourselves wandering the streets and taking a spontaneous boat trip down the river. It turned out to be a good day, even if I did forget to put sunscreen on… Ouch 🙂


Temples, cartoons and beer. Yes, that sounds like Japan.


Summer is nearly here


I thought this scene looked like it could have been straight out of Taipei


How adorable is this little guy? He was even wearing a straw boater hat.


Clean colours


And clean lines


Everywhere you look.

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