Todoroki Valley: Tokyo’s Backyard / 等々力渓谷東京の庭


I bought a new point-and-shoot camera: an updated version of my old Canon Powershot. I am an amateur hobby photographer at best – happiest with a good camera that can live in my bag, but also one with a strong zoom for when I am far away in a crowd during matsuris. For me, photography is not about planned shots and preparation. It is about pulling out your camera at the last minute and capturing what is in front of you at that precise second in time. I am sure my photos will never win any awards, but I am happy they are of decent enough quality that they can compliment my articles. So as long as I have this small camera in my bag, and an idea for a piece, I can always get something published. Here are a few pics I took last week in Todoroki Valley, an area many may be surprised to find out is in central Tokyo. [Music is by Helios.]


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