As the rains fall / ざあざあ. . . ざあざあ. . .

As I sit and type, the slow patter of my fingers on the keyboard is echoed only by the raindrops against the window ざあざあ. . . ざあざあ. . . Summer, it seems, is finally ready to relinquish its grip on Tokyo, the rains bringing cooler temperatures and beckoning autumn to take over. I am very much a summer person, always feeling a slight twinge of annoyance when I have to swap my shorts for long trousers, and my tank tops for hoodies. Saying that, there is a lot to like about autumn in Japan, and I am admittedly looking forward to the fall colours in all their glory.

Todoroki Valley Tokyo Autumn Fall 6 Justin Egli

Enjoying the autumn colours last year.

A lot has changed since the last turning of the leaves. The girl in this picture is now my fiancée, and, unbeknownst to us at the time, we would soon move into a house just a few stops from where this picture was taken. I am very happy with where I live now in Tokyo and I truly would not want to live anywhere else. In recent years I have come to appreciate the quieter side of the city, and I am happiest when just strolling around, lost among the backstreets.


My neighbourhood.

Last weekend was the annual festival in my neighbourhood, and I was so excited for it. In the last few months I have grown incredibly fond of my street, and so to see all this activity happening on it made me smile. Seriously just look at the picture below, it’s ridiculous! Shinto priests, festival-goers, ordinary people, and children – all waiting at a train crossing, while a 150kg snake made of straw pokes its head out in the background! ❤

Japanese festival Tokyo community

The things I see on a daily basis still never cease to amaze me.

There was no real reason to write this post. I just felt like writing, and I guess it turned into a slight bit of reflection. It’s 11pm here now in Tokyo and the rains are still falling, so I will call it a night. Thank you as always to all of you who continue to follow my journey on IKIMASHO! Goodnight x

Home in Tokyo Japan apartment

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