Coronavirus update (We are fine πŸ™‚)

Yako Kawasaki

Hey hey. I had a few messages from people regarding coronavirus so I thought I’d write a quick update on the situation here in Tokyo. We are fine, and things are generally fine too. The government decided to close all the public schools for a month, but my school will stay open since it’s a kindergarten. The school closures sent people into a bit of a panic, thinking things were about to get bad. As a result, supermarkets are busier than usual and stuff like toilet paper/tissues etc are totally sold out with people stockpiling them.

Major attractions like Disneyland and most museums etc are closed for two weeks, as well as smaller public places like my gym. Basically they are shutting everything down for a few weeks and then they will review the situation. It must be a pain for the parents who have kids here, having to figure out the logistics of childcare. But if you were to visit Japan now, you wouldn’t notice much difference except less crowds at tourist attractions. We were out near Kawasaki today walking about and the skies were blue. Have a great day.

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