Gallery 0David Lynch returns to Tokyo to showcase his most recent body of work.

I’ve always been a huge David Lynch fan so I was happy to be asked to review his current exhibition here in Tokyo. A total of 22 of his recent works are now on show at the Tomio Koyoma Gallery in Shibuya, following past exhibitions in Tokyo in 2012 and 2013.

You can read my full review for Tokyo Art Beat here, as well as check out some images from the show below.

david lynch tokyo 2014 david lynch tokyo 2014 Women and Machine (2012) david lynch tokyo 2014 New World (2014) david lynch tokyo 2014 Moon Klown in City (2012) david lynch tokyo 2014 Man on Fire in Room with Sheep (2013) david lynch tokyo 2014

One comment

  1. Bib

    Sounds totally warped mate, pure lucky. I am sure you loved it, great write-up in the Tokyo Art Beat website also.

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