Daikoku Matsuri: Tokyo’s Answer to the Ice Bucket Challenge

Daikoku Matsuri

“It’s a cold January morning in east Tokyo and as soon as I leave Shin-Ochanomizu station I’m cursing myself that I didn’t bring my gloves. Even the dog on the pavement beside me is wearing a coat, though I’m not entirely sure the color suits him. On this particular morning I’m on my way to the nearby Myojin shrine to watch a load of naked men throw buckets of ice water over themselves—It’s moments like this when I wonder what I’m doing with my life.”

I attended a really cool festival here in Tokyo last week – no pun intended. You can check out my full report for Tokyo Weekender here.

Incidentally, here is some stuff I have written about the other festivals mentioned at the end of that article.

Hiwatari Fire-Walking Festival, Mount Takao
Hamaorisai Matsuri: Sea Festival, Chigasaski
Ofudamaki: Cross Dressing Festival, Yokohama

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