Testing a GoPro in Tokyo


Testing a GoPro Camera in Tokyo: Shimokitazawa to Shibuya by BMX.

On Friday night I strapped a GoPro Camera to my head and cycled from Shimokitazawa to Shibuya in Tokyo. It took about 15 minutes, slightly longer than if I had cycled down the busier main road (Inokashira-dori) near my house. I wanted to cycle through my neighbourhood at night, and then be able to come down into Shibuya from the top of Dogenzaka and finish at the scramble crossing. I also wanted to see how the camera would test under low light – so I took a path adjacent to a small river that runs between Shimokitazawa and Shibuya. I didn’t put any music over it, also wanting to see what the sound quality was like.

I’ve been toying with the idea of buying a GoPro for a while now. I aim to do some mountain biking in Nepal in April, but it’d also be good for when I’m on motorbikes in SE Asia as well. As for this video, well I hope it’s interesting to those of you who have never visited Tokyo and want to see what the streets of Japan look like. (Best viewed full screen, HD)

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