IKIMASHO Luxury Stays: Villa Atulya at Ocean’s Edge, Mirissa, Sri Lanka

Villa Atulya at Oceans edge mirissa

Sun. Sea. Sand. And a jaw-dropping villa to take it all in.

With just one week left of my three-week Sri Lankan adventure, I decided to leave Central Province and head for the south. On this trip there were so many places I didn’t get a chance to see; there just wasn’t enough time. In the end though, I’m glad I took things slow as it meant I got a better appreciation of local life and Sri Lankan hospitality. I didn’t see Ella, and I didn’t see Nuwara Eliya. I also didn’t make it to the east coast. But I purposely left some places out to give me more of a reason to come back here. Not that I need one, Sri Lanka has been amazing start to finish. In Mirissa I was the guest of Villa Atulya at Ocean’s edge, and as the name suggests, it’s a private villa right by the sea. With just a few boutique rooms and a few friendly staff, it feels like you’ve got the whole property to yourself. Armed with a sun-faded Copyrights tshirt, I felt like a punk-rock Scarface in my very own mansion.

Villa Atulya at Oceans edge mirissapizap.com14417277201503

Holy Moly, Look At This Place

The first thing that strikes you about Villa Atulya when you enter its doors is that you wouldn’t change a single thing. The space is decorated 100% as it should be – pure white walls with colourful idents and art. The owner lives in Botswana, yet there is also a Mexican feel to the design. International vibes all round. The villa flows perfectly, with a central staircase leading up to a huge balcony overlooking the Indian Ocean. Downstairs, the patio doors are fully opened during the day making the place feel absolutely huge – it’s as if inside and outside become one.

Villa Atulya at Oceans edge mirissaVILLA ATULYA OCEAN'S EDGE MIRISSA

Beach Bum

Let’s face it, if you’ve made the choice to visit Mirissa it’s because you want to sit back, relax and do absolutely nothing. There are a few surf schools dotted along the beach, but the main objective of most who come here is to be as lazy as possible. No shops. No one trying to sell you pointless tacky crap. Just sun, sea and sand. After having walked the length of the beach, I’d say Villa Atulya is blessed with having one of the best sunset spots in Mirissa. (Check out the views here.) Right at the end of the garden there’s a little gate that opens straight out on to the beach. From there, every night, without fail, the sky is on fire.

Villa Atulya at Oceans edge mirissapizap.com14417271373571


Here’s a little video tour of Villa Atulya. Usually I like to put a bit of music or something over it to add to the vibe, but with this place there was no need. The sound of the sea is what you wake up to and fall asleep to every day, so it’s only fitting that’s what you should hear. If you want a a remote getaway in a location that is already remote, check out Villa Atulya. The current 9.1 rating on booking.com is fully justified.


Villa Atulya at Oceans edge mirissa


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