A sunny walk through my neighbourhood in Tokyo

A new ramen shop recently opened up down the street from me, and so I thought I’d go check it out while also shooting a little video to show you all what living in suburban Tokyo is like. I’m lucky in that my neighbourhood is very self-contained – within a five-minute walk from my house I have convenience stores; a coin laundry; dentist; post office; gym; bakery and a load of other restaurants. The ramen at this place was pretty standard, but the place was busy enough. During my meal a load of old people came in and started chatting. It seems like this is a shop where people popĀ in and out to grab a quick bite during their lunch hour, and I liked the community sprirt. I hope the video itself shows that living in Tokyo is by no means a crazy experience with thousands of people everywhere as is sometimes people’s perception. My immediate surroundings are lazy, but with everything I need.


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