Winter Sun at Canal Cafe, Iidabashi


Watching the world – and the trains – go by…

Today is December 22nd in Tokyo, and while we should all be shivering, it’s actually 19 degrees in the city. Tomorrow will be even hotter. This type of warmth is certainly unusual for this time of year; I can remember three or four years ago being snowed in at this time. Last weekend was just as nice, and I explored the areas of Kagurazaka and Iidabashi. One place I stopped at was Canal Cafe, overlooking the Kanda River. This spot is pretty famous during the cherry blossom season and has queues out the door, but on this occasion there was just myself and about five other customers on the extended boardwalk. I guess most people thought it would be too cold to sit outside, but with just a light jacket I dozed in the sun, drinking coffee, listening to Christmas music and watching the Chuo line pass slowly by.


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