It’s my Japanniversary

On this day 14 years ago I first visited Japan, staying for a year when I had just finished university at 22. Although I missed Japan a great deal when I returned home in 2004, I’m glad I decided to leave when I did – because if I hadn’t left then, I might not be here now. The photo above was taken in Fukuoka in 2003, the one below in Tokyo just last week.

Disposable Japan #1
Disposable Japan #2
My connection with Japan
Full Circle



  1. What an amazing journey. My first visit to China was actually 10 years ago today, and my first visit to Poland was 12 years ago in March past (for my birthday), those first visits also influenced my eventual love for these two countries. It’s weird I don’t really like Japanese culture or food but enjoy your stories and I guess you also might not like Polish culture or food. But this is what makes travel so amazing. Best wishes on your anniversary. Jonny

  2. Great to hear from you, Jonny. Yes, I know exactly what you mean – I’m not super into Europe but I always enjoy reading your stuff and it interests me becuase it’s your story. I think China will always be part of your life, the way Poland is now. And we have both lived a fair bit of life in the years since we both started travelling. Your writing and travelling accomplishments really are something to be proud of.

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