Kitsch Coffee vibes at Seven, Sangenjaya

Seven Sangenjaya 1

Despite the neighbourhood of Sangenjaya being just up the road from me, I never really venture up that direction. Many people love it, but the expressways that surround the station always make me feel like it’s just a bit too busy. Saying that, once in a while I do take the notion to go and explore its backstreets – today being one of those days. As well as eating some tasty Hainan Chicken Rice at a place called Clark Jack Parlor, Naoko and I found an amazing little coffee shop that I just had to share.

I am often conflicted on this blog whether each post has to be of a certain size or stature to be included – a big festival, matsuri or event. But I’m just as content to write about little places and experiences that I encounter on a daily basis. For that reason, I’ve started posting more regular daily happenings on the IKIMASHO! Facebook page, and will try and be a bit more regular on the blog here too.

One coffee shop we sought out today was called Seven. Having seen a few pictures of it online, we really wanted to check out its interior for ourselves, and had a nice afternoon just chilling in its wonderfully kitsch surroundings. The cafe’s blue carpet, green walls, random Snoopy lampshades and all sorts of out-of-place knick-knacks added to the ambience. I loved it, and would definitely go back.

Seven Sangenjaya 3Seven Sangenjaya 2Seven Sangenjaya 4Seven Sangenjaya 5Seven Sangenjaya 6Seven Sangenjaya 7Seven Sangenjaya 8

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