Winter Sun in Shinjuku Gyoen / 新宿御苑での冬の太陽

This morning as I was transferring trains at Shinjuku station for some reason I ended up coming out the wrong exit. Usually the transfer takes me underground, but since I went up the wrong escalator I ended up out on the street, having to cross the road to the other part of the station. As soon as I left the station gates I was greeted with clear blue skies, and so I decided there and then to catch my train a little bit later and take a walk around Shinjuku Gyoen instead. The weather forecast for tomorrow is snow, with the temperature dropping to -4 during the week. However, today’s weather saw people lying on the grass, enjoying the winter sun. One woman in traditional dress was carrying a sun parasol, getting her photo taken by an amateur photographer, while on the other side of the park old-timers were relaxing, eating their bentos in the sun. It’s hard to believe that the weather is about to take a turn for the worse, but with February being the coldest month in Japan, I’m preparing myself both physically and mentally for the freeze.

Shinjuku gyoen winter 1Shinjuku gyoen winter 6Shinjuku gyoen winter 4Shinjuku gyoen winter 2Shinjuku gyoen winter 5Shinjuku gyoen winter 3Shinjuku gyoen winter 7Shinjuku gyoen winter 8

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